For 60 years, English Blazer has endured as the custodian of unrivalled style, sophistication, class, and masculinity. The very essence of the brand has continued to focus on the ideals and values it inherited, while staying at the forefront of relevance in today’s modern, fast-paced world.


We believe in distinction, and we pride ourselves on our passion for quality. We believe in excellence, and make it a part of everything we do. We believe in our brand, and everything that it stands for. It is our firm beliefs that have put us ahead in the past, and keep us strong as we look forward.


We believe in English Blazer.


We believe a fragrance should be an identity – we see English Blazer as an experience; a master class in refinement, elegance, and tradition.


We believe a fragrance is only as strong as its spirit – English Blazer’s spirit is born from our devotion to the pursuit or perfection. Our spirit is unbreakable.


We believe a fragrance can be unforgettable – our fragrances are carefully crafted using the finest, freshest materials for an unforgettable, undeniably excellent scent with every use.


We believe a fragrance is a journey – English Blazer’s history is rich with emotion, intrigue, success, and tradition, and with every product, we take you on that extraordinary journey with us.


We believe a fragrance is timeless – in 1951, English Blazer was created to meet the needs of the mid-20th century fashion-conscious male. 60 years on, English Blazer is a relevant as ever before, and in another 60 years, we pledge to be relevant still.


We believe a fragrance is you – your fragrance says more about you than you might know. With its fresh, confident fragrance, English Blazer is the epitome of modern masculinity, and the embodiment of good breeding.