The ownership of English Blazer has moved from Parfum Bleu, UK to Globrands Holdings.  Mr. Tim Foley is the Chairman for Parfum Bleu and Globrands.  Mr. Raman RGS is currently the  CEO of Globrands.


About Globrands Holdings:


Globrands holdings have an unique approach to brand building. We believe in acquiring very special brands that we think have a lot of heritage and mean a lot to its customers. Globrands brand development team reworks the strategy of the brand and the product range. Our distribution setup spread across various countries takes the products closer to its target audience.  Our belief is that brands with a relevant, well differentiated approach have a significant future in the highly cluttered marketplace.
Tim Foley: Chairman


Tim Foley, Chairman has over 35 years’ experience in the HBA industry. Tim Foley has previously worked with companies like Avon, Revlon and Shulton inc.  He was also the Director of European Marketing, responsible for the relaunch of Old spice in Europe.


In 1991, when Shulton was acquired by Procter & Gamble, Foley moved on to set up Tim Foley Associates, specializing in NPD and business development. He set up Parfums Bleu Limited in May 1995 to acquire the rights to the global brands BLUE STRATOS from Procter & Gamble, followed by a further acquisition in May 1999 when the ‘Yardley’ Male fragrance brands ENGLISH BLAZER, GOLD, and CLASSIC GOLD were acquired.


Foley has unrivalled experience in the Health and Beauty industry and particularly the fast growing global Men’s personal care categories all of which has been channeled in to successfully growing the Parfums Bleu business around the world.