Some brands have the power to inspire our tomorrows. Others are born with the ability to remind us of our yesterdays. English Blazer, one of the most unique, unforgettable, and enduring brands of all, is able to do both.

English Blazer is the original world-class fragrance; accented with style and refinement, it is the expression of man’s thirst for excellence and attention to detail. English Blazer heralds in a new era of distinguished masculinity. However, although English Blazer’s contemporary tone, passion, and expertise are as relevant today as they ever were, the English Blazer brand’s footsteps in history reach back more than 6 decades.


English Blazer’s association with exceptional male grooming products dates back to as early as 1951. Now, more than 60 years later, English Blazer has proven to stand firm against the test of time, providing an outstanding line of luxury grooming products with a tone of unassuming class and proud breeding that every man can wear with confidence every day.


Today, as it has done for 60 years, the English Blazer brand stands for world-class original fragrances for men, and this is reflected in everything we do, starting with our Original and Gold ranges. By contemporising them with shades of masculine modernity, yet keeping their traditional, original essence vibrant and fresh, we create timeless fragrances that speak out to the discerning fragrance aficionado that respects quality and appreciates perfection.


With our new range of unique fragrances, we continue to reflect the brand’s eternal English originality, forthrightness, and passion to stand ahead, just as we did in 1951, and just as we pledge to do for decades to come.


Our goal is to develop, to grow, and to lead – to be globally recognised for our efforts, and valued for our commitment to perfection, tradition, and world-class quality. It is with this spirit that we strive forward, inspiring, stimulating, satisfying, and compromising nothing to stay true to the English Blazer brand’s roots, and to you.